Symantec antivirus client not updating

A recent update to Symantec's antivirus software rendered some Windows-based PCs inoperable, the security software maker disclosed Friday.

An update earlier in the week to Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 antivirus software for businesses caused some Windows XP-based computers to crash repeatedly with a "blue screen of death," the company revealed on its Web site.

"On July 11th, 2012 Symantec Security Response started receiving reports of customers experiencing blue screens after applying the July 11th revision 18 definitions," Orla Cox, of Symantec Security Response, wrote in the post.

"Machines may continue to blue screen after they reboot.

These files must be kept up to date to provide protection against newly discovered viruses.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) definition files are updated daily by Symantec, or even more often if a new threat has been identified.

The software and updates are "managed" by CCIT servers dedicated to the task.

The scanning engine (the antivirus program itself) is also updated occasionally, generally a couple of times per year.

For many Mines computers, the update process is automatic.

"But for it to conflict with its own Symantec related drivers and cause this issue is a total farce. "Although we are not providing compensation packages, we are working around the clock to provide information on remediation and technical support to help customers address this issue," Symantec spokesperson Ellen Hayes told CNET.

"This includes reaching out to customers directly to offer technical assistance who have posted comments to our online community seeking help." Updated at p.m.

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