Updating data in sql database in asp net

Your first check needs to be If there are no errors and the code runs then there is something wrong with the SQL statement.

Most likely cause is that the @ID you pass in isn't found and so nothing can be updated.

(For an example of this scenario, see Walkthrough: Using a Data Grid Web Control to Read and Write Data.) Alternatively, you can update the database directly, using SQL statements or stored procedures, which is what this walkthrough illustrates.

This walkthrough illustrates how to create a Web Forms page that reads and writes data to a database using SQL statements. Close() End Sub // C# private void ddl Category ID_Selected Index Changed(object sender, System.

I want to update my information that has key in by the user into my SQL Server database.

But it won't work, it don't occur any errors but the data key in wouldn't update into my database.

Because a majority of Web applications involve reading data and not updating it, one-way data binding keeps the size and complexity of the page architecture to a minimum for the most common scenarios.

However, there are times when you do want to update data. If you are using a dataset, you can write changes to the dataset and then call the data adapter to send changes from the dataset to the database.

For example if your column Last Modified Date is of datetime type you should pass a Date Time value as the second parameter in Add With Value, not a string.

Someone please help me if anything wrong with my code? protected void Button1_Click(object sender, Event Args e) { Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection("Data Source=USER-PC; Initial Catalog=webservice_database; Integrated Security=True"); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("UPDATE registration SET username = @username, password = @password, retypepassword = @retypepassword, gender = @gender, birth = @birth, address = @address, city = @city, country = @country, postcode = @postcode, email = @email, carno = @carno", con); con.

Add With Value("@retypepassword", Text Box RPassword.

As discussed in An Overview of Inserting, Updating, and Deleting, the Grid View control provides built-in updating and deleting capabilities, while the Details View and Form View controls include inserting support along with editing and deleting functionality.

These data modification capabilities can be plugged directly into a data source control without a line of code needing to be written.

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