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[b]Prometheus[/b] took place on an adjacent moon, called [i]LV_223[/i], and on that moon, the crew of the Weyland USCSS Prometheus discovered pyramids containing Engineer bio-weapons, which were stored in Juggernaut space crafts ready to be brought to what we eventually found out to be - Earth 2,000 years ago. I vote the egg chamber is not part of the Derelict, for reasons of scale and also going by Prometheus' lead. as to the final question concerning what actually happened to the Space Jockey.

[center] [url= K_screencap38.jpg[/img][/url] [/center] [b]Alien[/b] takes place on a different moon - [i]LV 426[/i], however in the same, Zeta 2 Reticulii Star System. I think there is an image in the Prometheus Bluray which gives us a hint- take a look at this trailer: ) entering the egg chamber and further down lies a (possibly) dead Engineer.

But, as soon as I saw him, the butterflies in my stomach broke free!

: D In front of me stood a tall, gallant, clean and handsome Latvian guy! I would never have believed that it was possible to meet a nice guy on the internet, let alone one to start a family with!

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